Modern automatic stitching-stapling machines require high grade stitching-staple wire of a constant high quality for trouble-free, efficient processing with minimum tool wear. The demands to be made on a first-class quality stitching wire therefore have to be taken into consideration as early as when selecting the wire rods (raw material) through the production right up to the packaging, storage and transport.

productionhallThe production of stitching wire involves wire drawing. The wire rod is drawn through several drawing dies with conically tapered openings in the middle, each of which is slightly smaller than the diameter of the ingoing wire. A special drawing emulsion and drawing agent carrier selected according to the condition of the wire surface cover the wire with a thin drawing film, thus giving the wire its drawability.

Trouble-free processing of the stitching wire is only possible if all the relevant factors (dimensions, strength, surface, winding) satisfy the needs of the stitching-stapling machine and of the material to be stapled and if the specified tolerances are observed.